A grown mans lullaby

A B Em Em, A B Em Em

A B Em Em

Come on baby, set that drink down by the bed

A B Em Cm

Lie back gently, youíve no need to hold your head

A B Em Cm

Why not listen to a simple song instead

A B Em Em

To a grown mans lullaby


Em A Em A

I believe that youíre good, I believe that youíre strong

Em Cm A B

Oh hush donít try to speak, tell me tomorrow that Iím wrong

Em A Em A

I believe that you are tender, that you hunger for whatís true

Em Cm A B Em

So hush, let this lullaby help your heart believe it too.


Come on baby, dream of eyes that understand

I remember once you slept holding my hand

No one to fight you here, no need to take a stand

Just a grown mans lullaby


Youíve been shadow boxing with your soul, youíve beat it black and blue

For one night try to step down from the ring

For one night lay there easy and Iíll sing for you, Iíll sing for you.

First Verse